Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stossel's Outstanding "Politicians Promises Gone Wrong" Should Preface Palin's Campaign Meetings

This program by John Stossel " Politicians' Top Ten Promises Gone Wrong" should be made an integral aspect of a Sarah Palin presidential run. It describes, devastatingly, what happens when government, lobbyists and most of all liberals, get their hands on the mechanism of government i.e. tax dollars ,and use them to distort the economy. Conservative's should make it a (admittedly hard) project to get at least one liberal to watch the whole thing-they would do them a life changing favor).
In each of these ten examples the end result of such meddling has been a disaster for the economy in general, and often for the intended beneficiaries, particularly the poor. Even if it is granted that some of these proponents acted with a genuine concern for the good-e.g. the Friends of the Earth with their initial support of ethanol subsidies, the end result is still a disaster.
The ethanol segment, with the environmentalists admitting they got it wrong (but don't advise why they didn't do the proper research) is something which we will see, sadly, repeated a few years down the track when they admit their position on "Global Warming" was also flawed. Who now remembers the Club of Rome and the forecast of the disastrous consequences of overpopulation when, by now, according to the Greenies, we would all be in the midst of shortages and starvation.
Sarah Palin should preface every campaign meeting with a different segment from Stossel's great work.

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