Monday, January 31, 2011

Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional Today-Then Obama Should Resign For Not Concentrating On Human Misery of 17 Million Unemployed

According to Weigal at Slate

A Florida District Court Judge has ruled not only that the Commerce clause in the Obama care bill is unconstitutional but the whole bill is thus rendered unconstitutional.

If this judgement holds when,as surely it will be, appealed to the Supreme Court, and it is unlikely,one would imagine that the conservative majority on that court would overturn the Florida judges ruling,then that is the end of Obamacare.

This is not a time for rejoicing,whilst of course conservatives, and one would imagine, the majority of Americans who polls showed,and the November elections proved, don't like the bill.

Rather, it is a time of sad reflection. The Obama administration and its allies in Congress spent an almost monomaniacal amount of time and energy getting this bill passed. At the same time millions of Americans were suffering soul destroying unemployment-clearly,as events have proven, the administration should have made getting people back to work and restoring their basic dignity the number one priority-certainly that would have been the expected course for the heirs of FDR.

But no-what happened was the Democratic Party threw off its heritage to bow to the ego of "The One" who was able to say,however temporarily, that he succeeded where previous presidents failed, including Clinton, in getting a health care bill passed.

17 million people were sacrificed on the altar of ego-the honorable thing for Obama to do would be to resign in the face of perpetuating this misery for no good reason.

The only possible thing which might hinder an Obama resignation would lbe the thought of Biden taking over-thus the best course would be for both to go and the Speaker to take over-which would simply be a reflection of what the country advised it wanted in November.

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