Saturday, January 21, 2012

ABC/CNN Have Tefloned Gingrich;Palin Rightly Calls The Media "Dumb-Assed"

Whilst the media waits to pounce on Romney once he gets around to releasing his tax returns Gingrich, thanks to the very leftist media which has sought to destroy him has been Teflon coated  on his supposed vulnerabilities.

By trotting out Gingrich's wife, for what the ABC network thought would be a last minute Gingrich campaign destroyer, they allowed Newt to use the public's utter distrust of the overwhelming liberal media to display righteous, but wonderfully  controlled, anger. 

At the CNN debate this resulted in numerous standing ovations and a subsequent rocket upwards in his polling numbers. It was pathetic to see John King,enjoyable actually, try to wiggle out of what he no doubt thought would be "the" question but putting the blame for asking it on ABC-which Newt smacked down immediately.

Palin added to this righteous anger with a Palininsque full frontal broadside at the "Dumb Arsed" media s she called them. The end result is a possible "soaring," again a Palinesque description .victory for Newt in South Carolina.

But, looking longer term the very issue, Gingrich's moral credibility, that the left planned to use against him
has now been taken away from him. Sure, the "progressive" idiots at Daily Kos and Firedog lake and the bitter ex-conservative pundits at Little Green Footballs with froth and gibber but nobody cares what they say or think.

The import factor is that the recognized mainstream pundits and the general media have had this attack blunted. If they try and raise it Gingrich can either ignore it and concentrate on policy issues that really matter or can,as often as he wishes, use it to rouse and rally the troops.The sledgehammer the media thought they could use has, from their point of view, fallen into the wrong hands.

In the meantime, as James Carville points out today, Romney has a whole can of whup ass waiting for him from the media and Dem's should he progress to the nomination. 

"At any rate, let”s talk a minute about Mitt. He was your guy — he was methodical, meticulous, married once. He has completely blown himself up over an issue that everyone knew was coming. Have you had a chance to look at John McCain”s research operation on Mitt? Wow. And let me assure you, that thing has been supplemented, expanded, and annotated. God only knows about the Obama people — they”ve got a billion dollars! And how about my friends over at American Bridge, the Democrat-leaning political action committee? Clearly Mitt is merely in the beginning of this tax-return, financial-disclosure, Cayman Island (and God only knows what else) fiasco."

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