Monday, January 16, 2012

If Palin Campaigns For Nominee Romney You Must Vote For Him

That's the theme presented by many commentators at the activist site "Hot Air." Their arguments are that party loyalty counts-after all if Palin were the nominee Romney supporters would be expected to vote for her.

They also point to the over riding need to remove the Obama administration, advising that even if Romney was a moderate he would not be as far left as Obama, and would nominate Supreme Court judges who were conservatives. There is also a "get over it, don't throw your toys out of the cot" theme running through comments on a number of GOP leaning sites.

Let's be grown up about it-yes, these comments all have validity. However, they have validity if one wishes to accept the ongoing political milieu, where a moderate Republican president follows on from a moderate Democrat president, and the status quo continues, apart from the media hoopla and smoke and mirrors, into the foreseeable future.

That foreseeable political future is also one of continuous economic, moral,  and societal decline and big government ascendancy. So yes, if you want that to continue vote for Romney or Obama as, in the bigger picture, there is little difference.

There are two alternatives. If a third party with genuine conservative principles and leaders arises then there are voting options. However, history shows that, except for very rare instances and none since 1860, a third party vote just gives either the Dem's or Rep's a bigger majority e.g. 1912 and the game continues on. As reproduced below the easier path is to deal with the existing structure as Joshua did with Jericho.

The second alternative, reproduced below, was posted by "Smitty", quoting others at length, at "The Other McCain." It is the path I intend to follow with my vote this November. I will write in Palin, and encourage others to do so, even if she does campaign for Romney, presuming he is the nominee. If he loses then, hopefully, the conservative element will pull down the walls of centrism once and for all and the GOP will return to its traditional roots.

If he wins and takes a centrist path, and the economy deteriorates, then the process can also start in 2016. But will take a bigger effort as it will involve a primary campaign against a sitting president but surely, by then, the conservative element will have had enough and will embark on just such a campaign.

"Once we do understand them, we conservatives will probably have no alternative but to destroy the party and then rebuild it. I don’t think we’ll naively believe it can be reformed."

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