Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gingrich has 7 Point Lead Over Romney;If They Can't Have Momma Grizzly They'll Take Papa Grizzly

Today's Rasmussen poll of a significant number,1000 likely Republican voters puts Newt Gingrich up 7 points over rival Mitt Romney. This result, up 8 points in a week, leaves Newt at 35% to Romney's 28% which should put him slightly ahead on the Real Clear Politics aggregate tracking poll.

Why the sudden spike in Gingrich's polling? The endorsements from genuine conservatives like Perry, Thompson and above all Palin have been a huge factor. The winnowing out of the field and the subsequently less fractured conservative vote helped but as this analysis shows he is perceived as the best candidate to take the fight to President Obama.

"The difference between the two is that Gingrich is perceived to be a fighter, someone who will take on the media, the entertainment industry, and Barack Obama with ferocity unmatched in the field."

This was the same factor that people looked to Momma Grizzly Sarah Palin to provide but since she was not a candidate they bounced between one non-Romney to another until they found one with the fighting qualities,allied to conservative principles and political experience. Gingrich, who has taken the roelof Pappa grizzly, provided all of that in the two debates in South Carolina and when Palin endorsed him just before the election he won in a landslide

Notwithstanding Romney's desperate looking attack on the now presidential looking Gingrich in the first Florida debate, the stage is set for Newt to wrap it up with a Florida win. If he just reinforces the Reaganesque "I paid for this microphone"  fighting attitude without going  over the top and if Sarah endorses him just before the Florida vote the base should have their "General Grant."

As is the same today as in Lincoln's day, the jealous, the pygmy's the backbiters and the ruthless opponents attack the fighter with all sorts rude and crude charges. "He's an adulterer, he's a hothead, he has too much baggage." When a counter attack comes they curl up in a ball and cry "unfair-this proves he's a hothead"

The rank and file wanted a fighter. When they saw Gingrich's performances in the debates he rocketed up in the polls. When the Romney Super PAC and the minnows relentlessly attacked Newt in Iowa for being a fighter his poll numbers dropped. Now in Florida he again is showing the fighting spirit that will be needed for the general election campaign against a ruthless enemy, and again, the naysayer's are so blinded by "electability" that they are attacking the very candidate they were so enthused about originally for his fighting qualities.

Lincoln had the wisdom and foresight to see beyond the midgets of his day and totally backed his fighter, Ulysses S. Grant and in the end both were winners.
"Abraham Lincoln took notice of this man in the west, a man who fought, and when those jealous of Grant's success and recognition tried to curb his advancement, claiming Grant had been drinking, and calling for his removal from command (vicious rumours mostly fuelled by Grant's rivals), President Lincoln flatly stated,
"I cannot spare this man! He fights" was Lincoln's reply-it should be every conservatives reply in Florida otherwise we will be foisted with another McClellan.

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