Monday, January 23, 2012

Miracle Woman Palin Says "Gingrich is Now the Front Runner" And...Bam He Is

Is there nothing Sarah Palin can't do politically? In Iowa she praises Santorum a few days before the caucus and Santorum runs spot after spot quoting her and wins the primary.

Then she wisely stays out of the New Hampshire primary in any supportive role and things take the course everyone expected.

In South Carolina she famously endorsed Newt Gingrich who was running 16 points behind Mitt Romney and, almost instantly he rocketed in to the lead (the charts at the link are astonishing). She then said the media's attack on Newt would cause him "to soar" and he wins in a massive landslide.

After the results were in Palin then advised America that newt was "the front runner-at a time when Romney was till 10 points ahead in the nationwide polling and well ahead in Florida. Well guess what? 

The next poll from PPP for Florida comes out putting Gingrich and Romney dead even followed by a poll from one day later which gives Newt a 9 point lead.

This is the woman who the left decried as "irrelevant" and "Sarah who". Well they and the Beltway pundits and GOP establishment had better take notice that,as Gingrich said "she has a substantial following." Not only that but she seems scarily prescient in predicting what lies ahead.

AT THIS LINK are the two latest polls showing Gingrich taking the lead-or rather soaring. Gingrich deserves to be the leading candidate as he was the only one with the brains to recognize Palin's power and authority and suggest she could play a role in his administration.

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