Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jeb Bush To Endorse Romney Report;Time For Sarah Palin To Endorse Gingrich & Payback for Bush Snobbery To Her


According to reports AT THIS LINK Jeb Bush is set to endorse Mitt Romney. Whether this purported event will happen before the SC primary, or just before the Florida primary is not indicated. If this is the case then the best thing that could happen is for Sarah Palin to have the other shoe drop (one of Todd's and one of hers) and endorse Newt.

Let's have it out and get it over with. There should be a final choice between the anointed establishment candidate and a true conservative, without Perry and Santorum mucking things up by splitting the vote.

If Sarah endorses Newt the lines will be starkly drawn. If Newt loses, partly because of lack of finance compared to the megarich Romney and his backers, well at least there was a choice, and there will be no blurring of the lines in 2016 when a real conservative can have a straight run at it.

the Hot Air article states that Bush has "antipathy" towards Gingrich, "Surprising. The odds of this happening, given the Bush family’s antipathy to Gingrich and Perry, couldn't have been much higher than 98 or 99 percent."

Well, Palin can't be too fond of the Bush matriarch for her snobby comment that Palin should stay in Alaska. The best payback for that would be for Palin to leave Alaska to campaign for Newt and have him defeat the country club favorite.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush plans to endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney before the Jan. 31 Florida primary, a Florida GOP source close to Bush told BuzzFeed Thursday.
The endorsement from Bush, who despite prodding from members of his famous family and prominent Republicans decided to sit out the 2012 contest, is the latest sign that the Republican establishment is coalescing around Romney after months publicly griping about finding another candidate…
The Florida Herald-Tribune reported yesterday that First Lady Laura Bush told a Sunshine State audience this week that her husband “and I wish he would [run for president.] We wanted him to this time.”

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