Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ann Coulter; Hail And Farewell To The Non-Palin/Now RINO Romneyite

Ann Coulter was a non-Dem's hero during the bleak years of G.W. Bush's second term. I say non-Dem as, as things have turned out, she is not now a hero for the Tea Party or conservatives.

During the said Bush years, when the MSM turned vicious, Maher was at his filthiest, and the late night talk show hosts, Letterman especially, turned acidly "satirical" and Bush's popularity was at its nadir, Coulter was a bright light which dispirited Republicans could look at.

Coulter was feisty, spirited, and kept up a staccato attack on all the leftist powers aimed at all things Republican. She churned out  books with catchy, battling, titles and took it to the "progressives" at a time when they, and their hero Obama, were on the ascendancy.

It was noticeable that with the ascendancy of Sarah Palin, a new sort of populist hero with broad rank and file appeal, Coulter's media star started to wane. Now, sadly, and for reasons I find murky, Coulter has morphed into a centrist and is attacking the candidates the same rank and file that Palin and the Tea Party belong to support. Perhaps that is what lies at the root of her change.

Coulter came out as a big supporter of New Jersey governor Chris Christie as the GOP's nominee. Christie, seen as a representative of the eastern establishment, turned into a front man for Romney. Coulter is now attacking Gingrich, along with the entire Beltway/country club establishment.

It seems the connecting links are that Palin is endorsing Gingrich, has mass Tea Party appeal, multi-millions of followers as Facebook indicates and could draw a crowd the likes of which Coulter could never do. 

But that in itself seems unlikely to explain her apparent move to RINO status. If Romney is the nominee and loses, Coulter will join Romney and the GOP establishment in the wilderness which would be a sad, but earned fate.

Without a word of criticism of her current stance, in gratitude for her spirit lifting performance in the times of gloom, but said in sadness and regret-Ann Coulter, hail and farewell.

NB;Dan Riehl of Riehl World View takes a more caustic stance on Coulter's new persona. I'm a bit older and more courtly but the message is the same at the end of the day.

HOT AIR advises this clip is Coulter going full bore (sic) against newt.I can't bear to watch so I'll take their word for it.

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