Tuesday, January 10, 2012

N.Hampshire;Once Again Message Is Clear Romney 39% Non-Romney 61%

Not that there was any doubt four years ago, and continuing right to today-the message from GOP rank and file voters is they just don’t want Mitt Romney.

They didn’t want him in Iowa where he received 25% of the vote in a tie with Santorum, and where the total non-Romney vote was 75 % (30,000 votes for Romney to 92,000 votes for Non-Romney)

They don’t want him even in his bastion of New Hampshire where on current results he is running at 39% which of course means non-Romney 61%

Surely the pattern couldn’t be clearer. Even the so called “moderate” Republican voters in moderate New Hampshire would rather have another moderate, Huntsman, to the tune of 17%
If Gingrich holds his current fourth place position and stays above 11% or thereabouts that is a good result for him going forwards especially with the southern states coming into view.

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