Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dan Riehl Has Record Breaking 25 Anti-Romney Posts In A Row

One of the most admirable bloggers is Dan Riehl of the fortunately named "Real World View" site, a true conservative and a fighter.

Dan has, as I have, (although I was the first Palinite blogger to do so at a time when Newt was written off)  endorsed Newt Gingrich for the solid reasons he sets out AT THIS LINK.

I said he was a fighter and nothing could illustrate that further than to go to his sight and see 25 anti-Romney (very vociferously so) posts in a row AT THIS LINK. Everything that the RINO/Romneyite/Beltway/country club/ camp has done since they received the massive shock that South Carolina delivered it skewered, dissected and exposed for the rampant hypocrisy it is.

Riehl is not only a harsh and righteous critic but delivers a substantial amount of positivity as regards the Gingrich message.

I raise all this for more reasons than to point  non-RINO's in the direction of substantial rebuttal to the all but the kitchen sink attacks from the establishment against Gingrich. I do it also to pose a question to Dan.
What will you do if Romney is the nominee?

I have planted my standard. If it is Gingrich I will vote for him and blog for him with aplomb. If it is Romney I will write in Palin-actually I now find I can't as New York doesn't allow for that so I will leave the presidential part blank and vote down ticket. I expect that, if Romney is the nominee my new blog Palin 2016, will be up and running the day after the re-election of President Obama. I personally think a Romney campaign will be a waste of time as I am confident that Trump will run as a third party alternative "which I will do if the Republicans nominate a stiff" enough said.

But how will Riehl and his ilk react to a Romney candidacy? Will they have decided no more RINO's and also write in an alternative or not vote-he gives a hint AT THIS LINK. If that is the case what effect will that have on Romney's result? Will the great conservative revolt commence after Tampa?

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