Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry Does Right Thing.Now It's Up To Santorum's Supporters-Vote Gingrich Or Get Romney

I wrote that if Santorum's supporters want to keep their man in the race, should he so choose, and ensure that a conservative and not Romney has a chance at the nomination they should vote for Newt  in South Carolina.

I also suggested that Perry should drop out of the race and endorse Newt as Rick has no chance and the 4%-6% residual support he has could make all the difference. It would be tragic if a conservative three way split allowed Romney to win on a low vote plurality.

Things have moved quickly and, I am delighted to say, in the direction I  had predicted and hoped-astonishingly so.

Newt did another of his game changing debate performances

Sarah joined Todd and said she would vote for newt in SC

Gingrich's polling showed an astonishing turnaround with an Insider Advantage poll taken post debate/Palin  showed him in the lead.

Santorum "won" Iowa negating Romney's "inevitability" claim which was the first hit of the one-two,two being Newt winning SC, that could keep the nomination from Romney.

Perry pulled out of the race and endorsed Newt

It is not over yet by a long shot of course.We have yet to see the result , if any, of the leftist media's hatchet job where ABC is dredging up Newt's previous wife for a supposed tell all. There is the next debate and of course reaction to Perry's move. High drama in South Carolina, but if Newt wins then history, which shows SC picks president, may just be repeating itself and on we go to Florida with the race effectively Gingrich versus Romney.

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