Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nation Gets It;"Palin Staking A Claim On The Party's Heart And Soul"

John  Nichols at The Nation has a brilliant article up "Sarah Versus the 'Stalinists'. Nichols article is unusual, in that it sets out what is patently obvious to one and all, who view the current Republican Party scene unblinkered by factional dogma.

Nichols sees Palin "at war" with, to use his colourful language "epic losers like John McCain and Bob Dole and epic spinners like Peggy Noonan." 

It is a pleasure to see a columnist use the same spirited language as Palin, but with perhaps a bit more bite than she is allowed (although saying Governor Christie had his panties in a wad" may show she is pushing the envelope).

That rhetoric aside, Nichols raises serious points about a serious matter, the battle for the very heart and soul of the Republican Party.

To me the core of Nichols argument is the following. By all means please read the whole article 

By positioning herself as the champion of the party’s grassroots in a battle with an aging and out-of-touch establishment, Palin is staking a claim on the party’s heart and soul. It is she, not Gingrich, and certainly not Romney, who may be best placed to come out of a bitter nominating fight as the favorite of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa and of Tea Partisans who will need to be energized if Republicans are going to be viable in the fall.
Even as she attacks the likely GOP nominee, Palin makes herself the essential Republican. That translates into talk of her as a convention keynoter, a vice presidential prospect or a Cabinet member in a new GOP administration. Palin would take the keynoter gig, in a heartbeat (high-profile, few risks), but don’t think that she would casually lower herself to accept another second spot on a crashing Republican ticket.

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