Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Media And Ex-Wife Dropping Dirt Bomb On Gingrich.Romney's Turn Will Come

As you may well know Gingrich''s ex-wife (which pretty much says it all) is, according to reports, going to do a massive tell all "that will end his career." (Drudge keeps running breathless updates on this beat up.)

That this comes just on the eve of the SC poll,and just as Newt is rising in the polls again, tells all.

This stinks. No matter if you were a Cain supporter, or a Gingrich supporter, or just a decent human being, the level to which the media, and ex-wives/girlfriends will stoop for revenge/notoriety "fame"/money is beyond belief and beyond all human dignity.

If this level of "scrutiny" was the norm in the days of Roosevelt/Eisenhower/Kennedy/LBJ none of them would have been president and their accomplishments would have been lost. 

When the story came out that Grover Cleveland had fathered a child out of wedlock a commentator said "We did not nominate a gelding." That, not Gingrich's personal life, is the bedrock of the matter. Bill Clinton engaged in adultery in the oval office yet he is a liberal hero still, the hypocrisy from the leftist media reeks .

There has to be a limit to this tearing down of individuals,especially those with something to offer in public life.

Women have to consider that dignity counts for something-or has "empowering feminism" destroyed any value and meaning to the word?

Unless Gingrich has engaged in criminal activity, which like Nixon would be the only reason not to continue to support him, I will encourage people to vote for him. Hopefully the people of South Carolina will see through this blatant, last minute, ploy

If the Romney team and supporters are gleeful at the prospect of Gingrich's wife's revelations, let them enjoy their moment. Nothing is more certain that if, Romney does get the nomination, the same forces will unload on him.

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