Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dan Riehl Goes Anti-Romney Ballistic.Joyous Reading In Post After Post-Go Dan!

Dan Riehl at his most fortunately titled blog ("Sheppard World View" just doesn't have the same cache-it's all my parents fault) at this link  REAL WORLD VIEW has gone anti-Mitt berserk and a good thing too.

There are, literally too many strong words, colorful descriptive sentences, revealing information, attacks and many other ways that Mitt and his surrogates  (whom Riehl really gets stuck into) are skewered for me to detail here without basically reproducing his entire lot of recent posts.

The best thing I can recommend is for you to saunter over to his site and the link and savour the sight and text of a righteous anger in full bloom. Enjoy!

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