Thursday, January 12, 2012

Left Discovers Palin's Integrity On Bain/Romney And Swoons

The same rabid leftist "progressives" who have spent the last three years ridiculing, lampooning and dismissing "airhead" Sarah Palin now find that, much to their amazement, "these are strange times when I find myself agreeing with Sarah Palin" that she is right. AT THIS LINK .

Even some of the morons of Huffington Post are agreeing with Palin's comments now that it suits them-I won't link to that embarrassment of a website though.

Not that there has been an instant road to Damascus conversion. Certainly not, you can't break a knee jerk elitist habit of so many years so quickly, and interspersed with the comments agreeing with Palin's quite reasonable call for Romney to clarify his statements on job creation and to release his tax records (why would anyone disagree with that?) there are of course the usual insults and childish name calling.

But for a large number of Daily Kos inhabitants to advise they agree with Palin shows that if you come anywhere near their point of view they will drop their facade and, however grudging, agree with you. It shows that all their insults and scorn had no basis in any reality beyond pure partisanship. 

For Palin to ask Romney these simple requests goes against the entire leftist meme that Palin is a a "grifter, publicity seeker and only out for herself or a VP slot".

As some have admitted Palin's populist approach means that she runs the risk of losing her Fox role and of not only a VP slot but even a cabinet post in a Romney administration. Anyone who thought that those baubles of office were what motivates Palin has been clearly disabused. 

Palin said right from the start "if I die I die" which statement clearly meant that she puts her principles, which are what she believes are  best for the majority of common sense hard working Americans, first and foremost, no matter what the cost.

It is sad that it has taken what the left perceives to be an attack on capitalism by Palin to, even if partially, remove the blinkers from their eyes. It is noticeable to that on the right even Erick Erickson from RedState AT THIS LINK
agrees with the populist Palin "God bless her" he says today. However this backhand way of defending his man Perry who is under severe attack from the establishment for his "vulture" capitalist attack on Romney fools no one.

As time goes on Palin stands revealed as a person of character and honesty, the tragedy is that the attacks from her enemies on both left and right have prevented her from running in 2012 but she has plenty of time for a future run and is growing in stature all the time, especially in contrast to the other possible candidates.

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