Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Quiz:Which Dem President Had A Mistress;FDR/JFK/LBJ/Clinton?

Ha ha-trick question. The answer is of course, all of them. FDR died in the arms of his mistress, LBJ fathered a child by his, JFK-too many too document, Clinton honored the Oval Office in a unique Dem way with his.

Going back some, Democrat Grover Cleveland had a child out of wedlock too.

Before the Dem's get all in a lather about Gingrich and hypocritical (they excused Cleveland with "well we didn't nominate a gelding') they should reflect on the morality of their heroes. 

At least Gingrich hasn't committed his adulteries in the White House and has put this behind him with a moral commitment to the Catholic church.

I am willing to accept him at his word and his conversion as being authentic.That being the case it now boils down to which is the best true conservative for the GOP's nomination and to be president. I agree with the Palin's view of things.

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