Saturday, January 28, 2012

Andrew Sullivan Sees "Fanning the Flames" Palin Getting the Nomination

Andrew Sullivan continues his odd, I was going to say  love/hate relationship with Sarah Palin but that doesn't quite seem to fit as a description.  AT THISLINK "The Return of Queen Esther?"

Sullivan's relationship in his mind to Palin belongs in the sphere of Krafft-ebbing I believe, as his comment that he "came in his pants' when he heard that Palin had criticized him by name for his Newsweek article might indicate. 

His history with her, especially the "Trig Truther' aspect, is to well know for me to raise again, but apart from that aspect he does raise some political analytical points from time to time.

Sullivan wrote column after column expressing his fear that Palin would run and his belief that she would. When she announced she would not be a candidate he advised that he was never so happy to be wrong and, it appeared, moved on. 

But no, today he is back in full force with a long review of Palin's attack on the GOP establishments attack on Gingrich. Actually it is more a cut and past from her face book post and poor journalism .

The only thing of any notice is his projection forward from what he sees as Palin "fanning the flames" i.e. she is doing all this as part of her Machiavellian plot to emerge from the convention in August with the nomination-Queen Esther returns!

I will have never been so happy if his prediction, or rather in his case, fear and trembling is right.

"What we do know, I think, is that Newt will not bow out if he loses Florida and may go on a scorched earth Palinite crusade to stop Mitt on Super Tuesday. And what we also know is that Palin is fanning the flames. If Newt were to do better than expected in Florida, her clout as a king-maker soars. And the chance that she would lead a Tea Party revolt at the Convention grows.
I mean what if Newt and Romney are so damaged by the end of this that neither has a chance. Could Queen Esther return?"

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