Saturday, January 28, 2012

PPP Poll Shows Romney 10 Point Lead In Florida-Santorum The Spoiler.

PPP Polling, which was almost spot on in South Carolina reports that its initial look at Florida has Romney way out in front "a snooze fest' apparently. 

This is in contradiction to a massive local poll which has Gingrich slightly in the lead but the PPP poll is slightly more recent, and may further reflect the Romney camps kitchen sink big media spend slash and burn attacks on Gingrich.

The point here is that Santorum is on about 15%. The bulk of his supporters would prefer Gingrich over Romney ( of course) yet by staying in what is a hopeless cause he is handing the nomination to Romney. 

Does he expect the VP nod? Whatever his reasons for his quixotic quest, if he carries on he will most certainly ensure Romney gets the nod and, I believe, a Trump third party run.

I ask Santorum's voters to consider those factors on election day and vote for the good of the GOP, America and their values.

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