Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gifford's To Resign;Mission Accomplished Kos Moulitsas And All Who Used Her To Attack Palin.

Gabrielle Giffords announced that she was to resign her congressional seat to hopefully speed her recovery. All right thinking people would wish her every success and happiness. To see such a lovely person be the victim of such a senseless attack is deeply unsettling. Good luck and God bless Gabby.

What her departure doesn't do is to help heal the wounds inflicted by the radical left who used the attack on her by a madman to attack Sarah Palin. The worst offender was the horrible Kos Moulitsas from the execrable "progressive' website Daily Kos-I won't link to that cesspool.

Almost immediately after Giffords was shot, Kos Moulitsas sent out this most infamous Tweet. There has been no subsequent apology that I have seen and of course one wouldn't expect one.

The liberal mind has many sick corners, the liberal attack on Palin over this tragedy was one of the worst examples of hatred and bias ever seen in American life. The real mission accomplished was exposing that filth to the light where, hopeful, over time it can be cleansed and expunged.

Below is an earlier comment on the first anniversary of the shooting with the infamous tweet.

One year ago marked the absolute height, or absolute nadir rather, of "progressive' hate think when Markos Moulitsas the founder of the radical leftist website "Daily Kos"  used the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords, colleagues, and rally attendees, to advance his leftist program.

Without knowing who did it, or why Gifford's was shot, Moulitsas tweeted "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin". As it turned out the shooter was a criminally insane man who had no connection to or motivation by or from Palin, or in fact any connection with conservatism in thought or persons-in fact there was evidence he was a leftist.

That didn't matter to the left  who saw an opportunity to attack Palin using the disgusting methods of guilt by association. That Palin;'s team had created a map targeting a number of Democratic party congress people, which included Gifford's district, was somehow "proof'" that Palin was connected with the shooter. 

The fact that the Dem's had used a similar campaign method  previously did not matter-they were after Palin who they saw as a threat to all their radical beliefs.

Palin subsequently, and quite rightly, labelled the left's disgusting cynicism a blood libel which indeed it was. This of course only enraged the left further as their foul Alinsky methods were exposed and they, bizarrely, accused Palin, who is staunchly pro-Israel, of anti-Semitism of all things.

But logic and truth don't enter into the frame of things where the left sees an opportunity to slander and destroy. "Kos's" tweet should never be forgotten as classic example of what the left is capable of. Their pursuit of power at all costs, even the destruction of individuals is their goal and any method of achieving it is fair, or rather foul, game.

Mission accomplished Markos Moulitsas and, by the way, mission accomplished also with the hundreds of dead in Iraq now that the left's goal of having American troops pull out was achieved.When the number of deaths exceeds the total of deaths during the U.S. occupation you can be truly proud.

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