Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rasmussen;"GOP Battle Will Go All Way To Convention." Where Palin Will Be Compromise Nominee

Nesmax advises that a Rasmussen discussion concluded that the nomination battle will go all the way to Tampa.

The money quotes are

"The Republicans have not put up somebody that all republicans can accept" and “Conservatives are not going to give up and say Mitt Romney got 25 percent of the vote in Iowa, he got 35 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, maybe 30 percent in South Carolina, I guess we have just got to end the race now.  “That’s just not going to happen, people in the 47 other states want to have their say.”

They are quite right-none of the current candidates can unite all factions of the GOP especially the Tea party and Evangelicals. There is no need for me to discuss each candidates negatives they are readily apparent to supporters of other candidates. 

Only Sarah Palin can unite all areas of conservative thought, particularly the base. If you are in any doubt have another look at her acceptance speech at the 2008 convention-can you imagine any other prospective candidate getting such a response? No I don't believe you could. If, as seems quite possible there is a deadlock it would be easier for Gingrich,Santorum and whomever has delegates to switch to Palin after a number of ballots to stop Romney and a face saver for Romney's team to switch to Palin if it becomes clear he will not get enough support to get the nomination.

You can read the entire article AT THIS LINK  and here is the discussion;

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