Friday, January 27, 2012

Florida Polling;RINO 38%/Newt 29%/Spoiler 12% Ricky Please Go Home

The latest round of polls out of Florida are pretty much all about the same-Romney with a 9 point lead over Gingrich and Santorum between 9-12%. I don't mention Ron Paul's because his supporter is rock solid and won't go anywhere.

Simple maths show that if the bulk of Santorum's supporters went for Gingrich, and the most recent analysis shows that is where they are so included, he would be near or ahead of Romney.

What the is the point of conservatives voting for Santorum, who, according to media reports, is "tired and broke and heading home before the voting day" when every such vote is, in effect, a vote for Romney as it splits the conservative vote?

Santorum has zero chance of getting the nomination. Even if Gingrich left the race Santorum would be a forlorn Huckabee like figure from 2008 trailing Romney around the country until he had to give up.

Santorum can be an American hero if he now saw the light and endorsed Newt. the only reason I can imagine for Santorum to stay in the race is to keep bleeding support from Newt so a grateful Romney offers him the VP slot-but that too seems unimaginable.

Please Rick, if you value your conservative principles support the candidate that is nearer to them-not the one you attacked in the last debate over his health care policies.

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