Monday, January 16, 2012

Hillbuzz Takes To Romney,Trump Is The Elephant In The Room,Huntsman ZZZZZ

I am a big fan of HillBuzz and have been for many years. They have been wonderfully supportive of Sarah Palin without being to narrowly focussed so they are not a Palin site per se. They are certainly no fans of Mitt Romney but, as is their way they use third party examples to make a very strong point about the electability of Romney.

Their articles covers the way the liberals will use the media to destroy Romney, particularly through the route of his religion, and castigate the GOP establishment for foisting such a poor candidate on the party.

A sadly prophetic post which I highly recommend, more in sorrow and pity than anger as I have beat this drum many times. You can read the article AT THIS LINK.


The pundits are chewing over Huntsman's political corpse in typical fashion, On the far, childish left (Firedoglake etc)  the meme is the only semi-sane occupant of the clown car has quit. The conspiracy minded see it as  a jack up by the GOP establishment to ensure Romney's coronation. The clear minded see Huntsman's 1% following as benefiting nobody, his endorsement of Romney, whom he labelled as unelectable, as political hypocrisy and his candidacy as a big mistake.

Speaking objectively Huntsman was one of the most ineffectual, boring candidates I have seen in a long life of following politics. I have no idea why he thought he could generate any interest. Whether a candidate is right or wrong according  to ones perspective there should be at least some indication of leadership and  an inspirational quality. I am spoiled of course having worked  as  volunteer for the JFK campaign as a teenager-there was an inspiring man. I compare Huntsman's horrible campaign launch at The Statue of Liberty and find it embarrassing.

Some of the MSM hacks are, believe it or not, seeing Huntsman's moves as part of a fiendishly clever plan for him to be Obama's secretary of state after the election. Failing that Huntsman will be VP  and next in line for the nomination, or failing that will be next in line for 2016.These are sad fantasies.
Hope springs eternal or sad fantasy. A really enthusiastic Palin site is wishing with all its might that Romney runs up four straight wins. Not because they want Romney to be the nominee, far from it. They see that after four in a row the other candidates will call it a day and the rank and file will ask for the Cincinnatus of the north to be the ultimate anti-Romney.

They make the point that even with four in a row there are a huge lot of delegates available ( not sure of that myself as it will be to late to get on a number of ballots) and Palin could win enough to win the nomination outright or cause a brokered convention and win at that point. An unlikely scenario but stranger things have happened.
With all this speculation and manoeuvring the elephant in the room goes unremarked on. Donald Trump said he might run "if the GOP nominates a stiff." The danger of that has been decreased by 50% with Huntsman's but if Romney gets the nomination then Trump has the resources to mount a third party run.

If he does the GOP is stuffed and will have brought it on themselves. On the other hand the republic will survive four more years of Obama, especially with a GOP controlled congress, and in 2016 a genuine conservative can be elected.

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