Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rather Than Fight For Every Vote Santorum "May be Cutting Out of Florida Before Primary" Gingrich Fights Right To The End.

According to First Read: and their NBC report:

"Failing to show early signs of momentum in the Sunshine State, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on Wednesday signalled he may be cutting out of Florida before the state's Jan. 31 primary.
Speaking to reporters here, the former Pennsylvania senator said was unsure if he would be in Florida the night of the primary, committing only to campaigning in the state over the next two days."
They go on to quote Santorum's complaint that he "has'n't slept in my own bed since Christmas" and that he would rather be at home writing up his tax returns.
This begs the question-if his campaign has acknowledged Florida would be a big and expensive place to campaign in and he can't compete with the well funded machines of Romney and Gingrich what is he doing there in the first place.?
If as the polls show he is 20 points behind the front runners and has absolutely no chance of winning, and most likely even finishing third, or even fourth-what is he doing there except taking support from Gingrich.
Analysts show that the majority of his supporters would choose Gingrich (as per quote from PPP Polling below) so effectively, by staying in the Florida race and beyond, as he hints he will, a vote for Santorum is a vote for Romney in the main. 

"If Rick Santorum drops out between now and next Tuesday, Gingrich will be the beneficiary. His voters prefer Gingrich over Romney 50-23, and in a field where he’s no longer a candidate Newt’s lead expands to 43-36."

Is that what Santorum wants? Is he angling for a VP place with Romney? If, when he eventually does pull out of the race he endorses Romney, against the apparent wishes of his supporters, then what will have transpired will be totally transparent at that point and will be another death thrust in the Romney campaign if he is the nominee as conservatives will stay at home in droves in November in protest at such duplicity.
The possible fate of the nomination lies to some large degree in the hands of Santorum supporters-if their 9% or so is mostly added to Gingrich's totals he wins, and a true conservative would be well on the way to the nomination. 

If Santorum leaves the field, but keeps his name on the ballot, he may guarantee the victory to the RINO, then to a Trump third party run, and to President Obama's re-election.
It is said of Gingrich  as Lincoln said of Grant "I can't spare this man..he fights!" It can be said of Santorum  "We can spare this man-he runs away."

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