Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Polls; Gingrich/Santorum 43% Romney 42%; Conservative Split Is Giving Romney Unwarranted Win

The average of the four latest polls out of Florida this morning AT THIS LINK has the Romneyites crowing as they show an apparent massive lead for him . This lead is based, according to analysis on Romney' supposed "electability." 

That this electability may well be a Chimera which will disappear if Romney gets the nomination and is subject to the full force of the lefts blowtorch is something that I believe we may well find out to our cost.

I also believe that the whole thing is moot as if Romney does get the nomination a substantial number of conservatives will not vote for him and Trump or Ron Paul will go third party which will bring a disastrous result for the GOP.

Perhaps, in the long run, it might be for the best as it would clear out the RINO's and allow for a true conservative candidate in 2016.

That Romney's lead is based on a split amongst conservative forces with Santorum being the spoiler is obvious with just a quick glance at the polls. 

The aggregate of Gingrich and Santorum's support is 43.2% compared to Romney's 42%. If one added in Ron Paul's support Romney would of course be swamped. So much for Romney being the overwhelming choice of Republicans in this Republican only closed primary.

the nationwide poll, which is out of the reach of Romney's money unlike Florida shows Gingrich in the lead and the combined non-Romney forces with a huge lead. So much for the GOP establishment backing the most popular choice. Romney is on 27.5% and Gingrich/Santorum 47.1% are people blind to the obvious?

The choice for Santorum, whose campaign is hopeless, is clear,if he endorsed Gingrich, then a conservative would have a real shot at the nomination. By staying in he is ensuring Romney is well on his way to winning. 

If Santorum doesn't go, for whatever reason, then it is in the hands of his supporters to ensure a non-Romney win.

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