Friday, January 27, 2012

Gallup:Romney At His Lowest-Gingrich At Highest & Not Giving Up Poll Gains.

Although multiple polls in Florida show Romney with a 9 point lead on Gingrich the national poll show a different story.

Gallup's tracking poll shops Newt with an 8 point lead-which, vitally, he is maintaining in spite of the kitchen sink the Romney forces have thrown at him since their shock defeat in South Carolina.

"Gingrich's 32% is his highest level of support since January and Romney's 24% is his lowest. the gap between them is at its widest"

What is at work here is the Tea Party coalescing support around Gingrich and Perry having left the scene. If Santorum departs the gap would widen even further. Palin's all but declared support for Gingrich is another key factor. 

If Santorum stays in the race he may hand Romney a win in state after state-if he he really believes in the conservative cause he could best aid it by leaving the race.

Palin's all but declared support for Gingrich is another key factor.

In Florida the Romney forces and their allies in the media are able to concentrate Romney's financial resources in a relatively smaller area, and the weight of anti-Gingrich media propaganda they are able to spread is obviously having some effect as Gingrich was well ahead in Florida immediately after the South Carolina result.

If Palin makes a full endorsement of Gingrich before election day that may help turn the tide no matter how much money Romney throws into the race.

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