Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now Or Never;If Palin Endorses Newt In SC It Could Be The Game Changer

According to the latest poll Newt and Romney are effectively tied in the make or break state of South Carolina.If Romney winds handily then the race might well be over. I have suggested the best course for Santorum supporters is for them to vote for Newt in SC.
The vote is ridiculously split; Romney 21%Gingrich/Santorum/Perry 40%.

If Newt wins then its on to Florida where a good showing by Gingrich could knock the wind out of Romney's "inevitability" which the media is puffing up.

That leaves the possibility of no one having enough delegates to take the nomination in Tampa on the first ballot  and Santorum would stand as good a chance as anyone when the bargaining commenced. If his voters don't support Newt in SC then both Newt and Santorum may be out of luck-common sense should prevail.

But the biggest game changer would be if Sarah Palin endorses Newt before the SC poll. That, plus Santorum's people voting strategically should seal the deal in both SC and Florida. Todd Palin's endorsement was clearly a trial balloon (too late to have any effect in New Hampshire) and Sarah's interesting to say the least calls for Romney to declare his tax situation and job creation history is hardly a strong indication of support for him.

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