Saturday, January 21, 2012

Palin Should Ask The South Carolina Tea Party To Primary Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley was out of the running as one of a number of candidates for the GOP nomination to become the governor of South Carolina in 2010. 

Then Sarah Palin endorsed Haley and stood beside her as the campaign continued. When the opposition turned on a scurrilous campaign of innuendo against Haley, Palin supported her.

 In the subsequent Republican sweep Haley was elected.

And how did Haley repay what she yesterday described as her "good friend' Palin in a wishy washy response to a question from Greta Van Susteren about her relationship with Palin? 

Hilariously, Haley advises "I haven't heard anybody talk about it" in response to Van Susteren's questioning if Palin endorsement of Gingrich had any influence on the race.

Shortly after her election Haley was asked if she would support a Palin run for president. She was evasive where she should have been supportive.

Now, when Palin had endorsed Gingrich, Haley endorsed Romney, a candidate Palin clearly has no time for. 

The sight of Haley sitting in the South Carolina debate audience wildly applauding Romney, and appearing at his campaign headquarters on the last day  before the election advising that "the momentum was going Romney's way" 
(she clearly is no prognosticator either) is sick making in it's lack of loyalty to the person who put her where she is today.

Haley had, in my opinion, better hope for a Romney nomination and election victory so she can get the safety of a cabinet post. 

If Gingrich wins then the proper course of events would be for her to be challenged and defeated in the next primary by a loyal to Palin Tea Party candidate. If that didn't happen she still might be out of a job given her current miserable approval rating.

Et tu Haley?

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