Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PPP Polls (Dem) "More Voters Say They'd Consider Her (Palin's) Endorsement A Negative"

PPP Polls tweeted the "facts" pictured below. This is how the leftist media works. Let's ask a few questions of Mr. PPP (Dem).Especially in the light of this:
In a Washington Post poll released last week, 23 percent of registered Republicans and GOP-leaning independents nationwide said that an endorsement by Palin would make them more likely to back a particular candidate, while 15 percent said it would make them less likely to do so.

1. More voters-how many more?

2. All voters including Dem's or just Republican voters

3. Voters in South Carolina, where the governor owes her very position to Palin's endorsement, or in the entire USA?

4. How does this "finding" square with Palin's exceptional result in the mid-term's, where people she endorsed rose from obscurity to win, and her percentage of winners was higher than those who lost (some of whom she endorsed on general principles knowing they had no chance)?

5.Why did PPP do so badly in their Iowa and New Hampshire poll results?

6.What credibility does a polling firm that works for the radical leftist Daily Kos site have?

7.How could PPP pick up on any positive or negative result from Palin's endorsement when she just made it yesterday. 

8.If Palin's endorsement is on balance a negative then Gingrich must have risen even further than PPP's final result shows after her 'negativity" was taken off his polling eh?


1 thing not driving Newt surge- Palin's comments yest. More voters say they'd consider her endorsement a negative than positive

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