Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grow Cojornes GOP.You Wanted A Fighter,Newt Fights & You Run Away Cowering

There were endless moans and groans from the conservative rank and file "we have weak candidates, nobody is taking the fight to Romney" and endless variations on the theme as one candidate after another self-destructed.

Then, as the field narrowed down all of a sudden people noticed that Newt Gingrich was doing exceptionally well in the debates. Not attacking the other candidates but stating his policy ideas, conservative ones, clearly forthrightly and with erudition. Most importantly he was taking on the record of the Obama administration with gusto.

"Here is our  fighting champion" the people said, and rocketed Newt into a substantial lead over the rest of the field.

Then the big money boys, the Romney Superpac ripped into Newt who kept to his promise of debating the issues. The result of the dirty tactics saw his support drop significantly, and the RINO support rise, because of "perceived electability." Whatever happened to conservative principles in the matter of a few weeks?

Then when Newt decided he had to fight back or be destroyed, the wailing and gnashing of teeth began from not only the country club set, but sections of the rank and file. "Newt is a cry baby, Newt is a dirty fighter, he's unstable" and etc.

For goodness sake this is a battle for the soul of the party and for conservative principles against the big money boys. If the weak willed think this is tough now, just wait until the actual campaign starts. 

The GOP needs a seasoned, intelligent hard fighting conservative-as Todd Palin recognized.The weak willed should brace up and grow a pair of cojornes and get behind the only conservative who has them.

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