Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hold Coronation. Florida RINO's 46%/Conservatives 46% Libertarians 7%

Before the MSM/Country Club GOP and Beltway establishment crown, once again, the head of Mitt Romney perhaps people should stop for a moment and ask what did the voters of Florida say.

It is the same message as the voters of all the other primary states so far-a majority didn't vote for Romney. Even in Florida with a massive spend and a vicious campaign and a split conservative opposition Romney couldn't break 50%.

With 98% of the vote in Romney/Huntsman had 46% Gingrich/Santorum/ and the votes for (why?) other true conservatives totalled 46% and the libertarians Paul and Johnston gained 7%.

With PPP Polling showing Santorum polling ahead of Romney in Missouri there is absolutely no reason why the campaign should not continue with, ideally in my opinion one conservative in the race-Gingrich.

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