Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Quiet Revolution; Black Christian Conservative Candidates May Transform America

An unnoticed silent revolution may be happening which, over time, could have dramatic impact on the traditional American voting structure. We saw in California a major reason why the same sex legislation was defeated, was that Blacks voted against the proposed law in substantial numbers.

There were conservative Blacks elected in the 2010 Tea Party landslide, including high profile conservatives like Allen West. Perhaps even more importantly, low profile Blacks were elected, which signals that it is not only personality driven candidates who can win, rather it is also candidates who reflect a deeper mood or paradigm who can win, which is a more significant sign of change.

Now that a Black has been elected to the highest office in the land, the social/emotion imperative to vote for a Democrat, no matter what ones personal circumstances, may have been removed for a number of normally conservative Blacks.

The fact that he has been shown to be no better or worse than the average run of presidents is important.It may signal to Black voters that there are no miracles of competence from any race, and there is no point in expecting a Black person, no matter how qualified to, uniquely, be an agent of transformation-economically and socially. 

In fact this very proof of non-transformation may, at last, free a significant proportion of the Black voting population from their attachment to the Democratic Party. 

There is no question that the Democrat's of Hubert Humphrey and LBJ were incontestably the vehicle for social reform in America and supported the Black movement that ended segregation-allowing fro the fact that it was president Eisenhower who initiated physical protection for Blacks at the early stage of the protest movement. 

With those aims accomplished the question for Blacks now may be is that party the best vehicle for economic advancement? Are the conditions in Detroit or Chicago or Philadelphia indicative of a failed welfare-ism? Is self-advancement through education and,as Newt Gingrich said through eventually owning a business a better road for Blacks than welfare-ism?

If the answer to those questions is that a better road for community and individual advancement is the one that has worked for hundreds of years for one ethnic group after another who came to America. i.e. individual effort in a free economy then the intake of elected Black conservatives may mark a significant sea change.

Further a large number of elected Black office holders might bring with them their traditional Christian values and moral principles.Freed from an traditional attachment to the Democratic Party, which used their voting strength to bring in ultra-liberal social policies, and allied to the Tea Party, there could be a moral and economic regeneration of America led by a forward looking Black leadership in the tradition of Rev. Dr. King who was a Republican.

Not only do we see an increase in the number of Black conservative candidates and official but there is a significant new voice in the Blogosphere from many conservative Black commentators, many with a strong Christian focus such as Adrienne Ross at "Motivation Truth" who is just one outstanding example of a new voice from the Black community.

Here is a new example of another candidate from the new paradigm from Saucy American In NZ's' Lisa Gilmer

support Big John Smith for Congress in Tennessee

hattip: Ann Barnhardt

Hey Tennessee, support conservative candidate Big John Smith for Congress!  America needs many more citizens to get involved with restoring the Republic.  John Smith believes:

"With the collapse of our monetary system, our cities, states and people are in peril because of ever mounting deficits, and unemployment. To make matters even worse, we have enemies on the outside and inside of our boarders wanting our demise; no longer, can we enjoy the sense normalcy, because our national security is in peril. My friends, Sooner or later, we’re going to have to accept our responsibility as the heirs to our republic, and act! We have to acknowledge, we must make the tough choices to save our nation. We cannot continue to elect men and women who yield to their personal ambitions and philosophies or display a condescending attitude towards the electorate, while governing. This is not acceptable; especially to those who have lost everything and to others who are wondering, what the hell has happened to the country they knew! Some leaders would have you think all is well; but they are not truthful. Continue to watch the cost of living as a gauge, this will tell the story. If you can look through partisanship, the well being of our nation goes beyond party lines. I am a person who knows his actions or inactions would be accountable to one higher than his self and to the people that elected him. "I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear, I'm going to tell you the truth." With God’s help, I want to help restore our land. If you are searching for these qualities in a candidate, who truly cares for his nation, then I am your man! Thank you and God bless you!" 

Read up on his beliefs and support him here.

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