Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Over Yet.PPP Poll Has Romney's Lead Down To 7 Points.If Santorum's Supporters Vote For Viable Non-Romney Gingrich Can Win

This just in from the reliable polling firm PPP Polling. It shows a slight drop for Romney and fall for Santorum with Newt staying the same. 

The ball is very much in Santorum supporters hands. Ridiculous polls like NBC's have Romney way out in front, a 15 point lead for goodness sake-we shall see which is the more accurate.

Romney has an advantage as many have voted before the campaign started when he was way out in front before South Carolina.

So it would seem that the only way Gingrich can win is  if Santorum's supporters vote for Newt en-mass, which is in their candidates long term interest if a Romney win otherwise means Mitt runs away with the nomination.

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