Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cain Endorses Gingrich;Lines Drawn-For Romney;McCain/Pawlenty/Huntsman.For Gingrich;Palin/Cain/Perry

                                 With Herman Cain's endorsement of Newt Gingrich tonight and Sarah Palin advising to vote for Gingrich, also tonight, for the reasons she outlines the lines twice in the video below, the lines  couldn't be more clearly drawn. 

The GOP establishment, whom Palin castigated today for their "cannibal" attacks on Gingrich, the Beltway elite and the MSM are lined up behind Romney whose most prominent backers are Huntsman, McCain and Pawlenty. 

The true conservtaive wing is represented by Palin, Cain and Perry. It is vital that the remaining conservative candidates supporters vote tactically in Florida and Virginia, to ensure the conservative element goes on to receive the nomination, as I set out below.

Some online polls have Romney running away with Florida at 11 points above Gingrich. 

However Gallup's nationwide poll still shows newt ahead of Romney outside the MOE and tonight we have the first reputable poll from PPP which got South Carolina almost right. 

PPP has Romney at  40 % and Gingrich at  32% with Santorum-who has given up at 15 %.

Again, if Santorum and Paul's supporters think strategically they can stop Romney in Florida and give their respective campaign a chance down the line. if they split the vote they may well give Romney his coronation.

Will tonight's make statements from Palin and Cain change the scene once again-it will if Santorum and Paul's supporters take notice.

With Cain's endorsement the sides are clearly drawn. For Romney; McCain/Pawlenty/Huntsman  For Gingrich; Palin/Perry/Cain. The message to Santorum's supporters is clear.

Here is Palin's call "Rage against The machine vote Newt"

Here's Herman making it official;

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