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Adelson and Palin: Jew & Christian, Gingrich's Saviour's And American Patriots

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At the darkest moment for Newt Gingrich's campaign, when the Romney surrogates in Iowa  were throwing the kitchen sink at him, when all the other candidates turned their fire at him, two American heroes, two patriots, came to his rescue.

Gingrich was running out of funds and couldn't answer back to all the nefarious and over the top charges levelled against him. The former front runner was knocked well back in the pack in Iowa and New Hampshire, and it looked like South Carolina would be the end of his campaign. The RINO forces, the opposing candidates, the Beltway establishment, looked like they had succeeded in either pushing their own barrow, or moving their hands downwards with the crown towards Romney's head, at the upcoming coronation.

But something happened to forestall all their plans and confound their aspirations. An American patriot Sheldon Adelson contributed five million dollars to Gingrich's campaign. This stupendously generous gift enabled Newt to mount a media fight back campaign in South Carolina. That, allied to his clearly lifted spirits, soaring rhetoric and debating skills, enlivened his campaign.

Next came the boost from the other American patriot hero Sarah Palin. Just before the election Palin went on national television and announced, that if she were able to vote in South Carolina, she would vote for Gingrich.

 The, astonishingly immediate result of that statement was a huge jump in support for Newt (the graph evidence
 AT THIS LINK is indisputable) which was born out as fact by his landslide victory.

Now in Florida, where the media spend is much higher than South Carolina, it would be expected that Romney, with his vast personal wealth, would have Gingrich at a disadvantage once again and all the gains of South Carolina might be negated.

However, once again an Adelson, this time Mrs. Miriam Adelson, has given Newt another five million dollars
 AT THIS LINK. There can be few instances of such timely and magnificent generosity, in the interest of true conservative democracy, being seen in American history.

The next act in this true pageant of American patriotism, being acted out before our eyes, will be the likely endorsement of Newt for Florida by Sarah Palin. If the end result is the same as in South Carolina, and the latest polls show this as a possibility, these two, a Christian and a Jew but faith brothers and sisters in their belief in a return to traditional American conservative values, will have been largely responsible for it.

There is a full analysis of the very impressive Mr. Adelson in the New York Times report
AT THIS LINK which tries to be balanced. About Sarah Palin, well her faith and values speak for themselves.

There is historic precedent for a Jew and a Christian acting in patriotic concert to make America proud. I reproduce it below with a slight updating to the witty doggerel poem.

"The building of the Bunker Hill Monument was a very ambitious undertaking in the times when it was reared, and the work lagged greatly. Nothing of such magnitude had ever before been attempted in the country. In our day, when government is exalted into a great paternal institution, the thing would be handled in a more simple fashion. The public treasury is expected to do everything.

The people now are accustomed to go to Congress and get an appropriation when the desire to satisfy their patriotism by erecting a monument, but in 1820 public opinion was not so advanced upon such lines. The people believed that they should commemorate the first great battle of the revolution by a popular subscription in which each one directly gave his part; and so they embarked upon raising what was then a great sum of money.

After twenty years of struggle the monument was till uncompleted and twenty thousand dollars more were needed. At last, Amos Lawrence, a leading merchant of Boston, offered to give ten thousand dollars if another would give an equal amount. The princely offer was received in cold silence in the financial section of the neighbourhoods such as Boston and New York, from which a favourable response might have been expected.

But there came a remittance of ten thousand dollars from a remote part of the country, from Judah Touro, a Jew, of New Orleans, and the completion of the monument was assured. The event was commemorated by a dinner in Faneuil Hall. Amid the eloquent speeches that were made, a toast was proposed in lines which recognized the generosity of the two patriots, but hardly recalls the literary glories of Boston’s golden age:

Amos and Judah, venerated names,
Patriarch and Prophet press their equal claims;
Like generous coursers running neck and neck,
Each aids the cause by giving it a check;
Christian and Jew, they carry out one plan-
For though of different faiths, each is in heart a man." ( for Mr. Adelson, Mrs. Miriam, and Sarah", a mensch," which, colloquially, could cover "a man and a woman of the same fighting qualities")

Touro was born in New England. He migrated to Louisiana where as a merchant, an importer and exporter, he made a great fortune. When the war of 1812 moved from the sea and from the North to the Southern field, he was in the thick of General Jackson’s fighting. In the battle of New Orleans he was almost mortally wounded. His philanthropies were country-wide.

“Judah Touro Saves the Bunker Hill Monument” From “ Patriotism of the American Jews” by Samuel McCall.

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