Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gingrich With 9 Point Lead Over Romney In New Florida Poll And Tied In Earlier PPP Poll

UPDATE:Gingrich jump to a nine point lead over Romney 34% to 25% in new Insider Advantage poll 

Newt is in a dead heat tie in Florida with Romney. If Palin 's goes further than her current neutral stance in Fla. Gingrich will run away with it. 

If he does then even the next states up, which should be Romney's, are in play. If Gingrich wins Florida, and does well in the next few states, then the avalanche will commence and I would expect Santorum to leave the field. Surely the majority of Santorum's voters would support Newt as well so  the game may be over.

The writing is on the wall for Mitt with Jeb Bush backing away from endorsing him, which was very much on the cards according to reports only a few days ago.

At that point, if Gingrich looks to be the nominee, would Newt give a further indication that Palin might be his VP choice? It would be a powerful, uniting, base inspiring ticket.

Newt has some work to do as the current polling tie may not be enough to negate the large number of ballots cast before he won South Carolina. The trend is the thing of course, and Palin could seal the deal. All eyes on her at this point.

First night of our Florida polling: Romney and Gingrich are neck and neck.

2 more people picked Mitt than Newt out of about 600 people we polled tonight...that's how close we're talking

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