Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Palin's Fault Newt is Losing Florida; Fineman At Huffpost Confirms Palin's :Media Cannibal" Post

Almost as if they can't help themselves the very  media establishment that Sarah Palin castigated so vehemently yesterday in her passionate Facebook post have immediately proven her correct.

here's Howard Fineman at Huffington Post giving a point by point analysis of why, in his opinion, Newt Gingrich is seeing "the air" coming out of his Florida campaign.

The Palin Factor. Some D.C.-based establishment types were preparing to reconcile themselves to former House Speaker Gingrich, if not outright endorse him, before or after the South Carolina primary last week. But according to one such insider, who asked not to be identified because of her prominent corporate lobbying role, Gingrich fatally said on Jan. 18 -- three days before the primary -- that he would offer former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a "major role in the next administration if I'm president." That one statement scared the accept-Newt, Republican-establishment types. "That sure did it for me, and I think for a lot of other people in town," the lobbyist said

As you can see, the first bullet point advised that it is the scary Sarah Palin's fault. or rather just the thought that she might hold an office in a Gingrich administration was enough to turn an huge Gingrich lead into a Romney victory. 

How Palin managed to ensure Gingrich's massive victory in South Carolina, a landslide, whilst being so frightening, is not canvassed. one of life mysteries.

These journolists (sic) don't seem to realize that the jig is up. To write a paragraph which includes such rubbish as unidentified sources, too frightened to say who they are, and discussing ideas "other people" may have, shows a total lack of credibility and journalistic quality and is so transparently biased.

This is supposed to be quality  journalism;

"according to one insider who doesn't want to be identified"
"that sure did it for me and I think a lot of other people in town"

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