Monday, January 23, 2012

Establishment Throwing Kitchen Sink At Gingrich;Can Palin's Endorsement Hold Them Off?

Michael Crowley at Time Magazine's "Swampland" 
AT THIS LINK has an article up "Newt Gingrich Versus the Establishment" where he sets out that after the shock defeat of their chosen Prince Romney the powers that be all 200 or so of them for goodness sake, will round on Newt with the ferocity of a cornered bunch of hounds.

And a formidable bunch it is too;

"They include the party’s most powerful (and wealthy) Washington
lobbyists; its senior members of Congress; marquee television and
newspaper pundits; and a gaggle of elected officials, financiers and
all-purpose operators around the nation. More specifically, Newt’s key
Establishment adversaries include the lobbyists Wayne Berman and Ron
Kaufman, columnists George Will and Charles Krauthammer, elected GOP
big shots like Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, and party elder
statesmen like former President George H.W. Bush."

You can add to that list embittered ex-radicals like Ann Coulter odd bods like Taylor Marsh,Santorum to the end conservatives like Stacy McCain, the Paulites, the "progressives"  like blogs Daily Kos and Firedoglake. Toss in Gary Trudeau the "Doonesbury" cartoonist, who is still trying to be relevant to young people about thirty years past his prime, and the late night talk show hosts like Letterman who pump out continuous anti-Gingrich "humor."

After thinking they had disposed of Gingrich in Iowa and New Hampshire with Romney's hands off, let the Super Pac's do the dirty work, cruise control campaign which backfired terribly on them, they are just getting started on Gingrich with their backs to the wall in Florida.

The media has gone into anti-Gingrich overdrive from day one LIKE THIS. They are pumping up the "new hard hitting Romney" after the first debate and have gone back to digging up everything they can on Gingrich's record. that he didn't play ball and come out frothing at the mouth to reinforce their new "he's unstable" meme hasn't worried them a bit.Now  they are chiding him for being to complacent and above it all and sure to lose for playing defense.

Gingrich is seemingly a  lonely besieged  figure but that is not the case. he has strong financial support from the Adelsons who have contributed $10 million in two weeks. 

He has the continued drip feed of major conservative figures endorsing him, witness Chuck Norris and today Fred Thompson but most of all, perhaps, he has what may be the same ace in the hole he had in South Carolina the upcoming endorsement of Sarah Palin.

If anyone thinks that Palin's endorsement in South Carolina was not pivotal just look at this, absolutely astounding, graph. AT THIS LINK.

Palin connects with the ordinary folks, with the tea party, with the conservative rank and file. If she endorses at that crucial moment, just before the voting then all of the power of the 200,  and of their hangers on will be negated. Florida is an absolute key primary.

As Cromwell said "The King can lose and lose and keep on fighting, but if we lose one battle we are done for." Romney would be severely wounded by a major loss in Florida, but could continue on with his financial resources. If Gingrich loses big then the uphill struggle might be too much.

This is a heavy burden for Palin, and much of her future may well be determined along with Gingrich's on election night.

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