Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Editor Josh Marshall At Talking Points An Idiot?

I appreciate the title of Josh Marshall's article on Gingrich's landslide win in South Carolina "Quick Thoughts on Tonight's Results" indicates it was done in a hurry but there is no excuse for sloppy thinking on major blogs.

Actually contradictory thinking made all the worse by having an exact opposite sentence in the same paragraph. This is what happens when bias gets in the way of proper journalism. 

The anti-Gingrich brigade is so uptight about Romney defying their predictions and being late for the coronation they set out for him that they are losing any sense of balance and pretence at respecting the wishes of the conservative rank and file.

Let's be very clear here, in every primary Romney has not come anywhere near getting 50% of the vote. In South Carolina he was blasted away. It is interesting that although Marshall is 100% confident that Gingrich will not be the nominee he also equivocates about Romney.

All this shows is that establishment is in a quandary.They shouldn't be, all they have to do is to trust the people-something that Palin finds easy to do, something that the Beltway/country club/media crowd find nearly impossible.

How does one reconcile "Newt Gingrich isn't going to be the nominee" with "You can never say never in politics"

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