Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gingrich/Romney Effectively Tied In SC;Santorum Voters Should Give Newt The Win To Keep Both Their Hopes Alive

It couldn't be simpler, if Santorum voters want to keep their man in the race then they should vote for Newt in South Carolina. On latest polling Santorum is out of the running and a third place result for him, whilst taking enough votes from Newt to give Romney the win would likely mean the end of both their chances as the media will crow even louder that Mitt is the inevitable winner.

If Newt wins the race is still very much open and a Florida win for Newt with Santorum coming in in the top three means that there is a chance for the campaign to continue on and perhaps no one will have enough delegates come the convention and anything could happen when the bargaining commences.

The future of the nomination is very much in the hands of Santorum supporters in SC-it is time for strategic thinking or the game is up.

Oh, and Perry should get out of the way now-his 5% could also make all the difference. It would be utter madness for the conservative 40% vote to be split amongst the three whilst Romney "wins" on 23%.

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