Thursday, January 12, 2012

Even Andrew Sullivan Now Sees RomneyBain "Could Lose" As Palin's Analytical Skills Awe

Palin gets it, even Andrew Sullivan gets it "Romney could lose" as, at last, the attacks on Romney's record and more importantly his business career have come to the fore.
"But what makes it so dangerous to Romney, it seems to me, is that the Bain Brahmin didn't just fire thousands of working class people in restructuring and in closing companies. He made a fucking unimaginable fortune doing it. That's the issue. Other Republicans can speak about the need for free markets in a sluggish economy. But with Romney, we have a singular example of someone who made a quarter of a billion dollars by firing the white middle and working class in droves in ways that do not seem designed to promote growth or efficiency, but merely to enrich Bain."

And not a moment too soon. the MSM, the country club Republican's, the Beltway elite have all but crowned Romney after a hatchet job de luxe on Newt.

They misjudged Newt's fighting capacity, that plus the perfectly timed $5 million donation may save the day in South Carolina and Florida. If Santorum gets out of the way, or rather more politely if his supporters vote for Newt to keep both their campaigns alive then we may yet see a genuine conservative get the nomination.

In the meantime Palin's analytical skills astound and even her worst enemies grudgingly admit to it. The game is not over by a long shot.The nonsense that Gingrich was "attacking capitalism" is now being seen as a desperate attempt to patch over what Perry called "vulture capitalism" and as Gingrich continues to hit this hard Romney may be in serious difficulties.

Dan Riehl also gets it.If we can't have Palin then Newt will do.
"There will likely be little doubt come November, the GOP is completely out of touch with an extremely large faction of the working class, so out of touch that it can't stop screaming it in headline after headline. Axelrod may, or may not be as genius, but he won't need to be, now. His opposition is so stuck on stupid, the Republicans will be lucky if America puts them back in the white house for a decade. Hell, I can't even stand them right now.
Way to go, you idiots."

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