Monday, January 23, 2012

Palin All But Endorses Gingrich On Fox-Formal Announcement Of Her Choice Will Be Made

UPDATE; I agree with this comment about this article which gives further evidence of her thinking;

JLAdevelop wrote, in response to MJosephSheppard:
Agreed. Her references to Arthur Laffer's endorsement and to the candidate that worked with Reagan (only Newt did) are indications of her support for Newt. No formal endorsement tonight but she said one will be coming. 

Sarah Palin responded to Eric Bolling on Fox Business when he asked if she was going to endorse a candidate in the Florida primary. Her answer is reproduced below. If the candidate she is describing is Mitt Romney I'll...well there is no need for any simile. Even Blind Bob could see in her answer that Romney is not
any kind of "Maverick who would go against the wishes of some of the GOP elite."

The whole tenor of her reply  is away from Romney and towards Gingrich-this is, to my mind, a clear call for Florida voters to vote for Newt.

Palin then went on to state, in a later in the day interview with Hannity that she now will endorse-I think she already has but we will wait for her formal announcement probably just before the election.

BOLLING: All right, Governor. I’m going to try and do it again, because I like my ratings as high as well, but look, you said if I were a South Carolina voter, I would vote for Newt, and that was last week. And, boy, that had a resounding effect on a lot of conservatives who were looking to kind of get an idea of who they should vote for between Gingrich and Romney.

If you were a Florida voter, Governor, would you say the same thing?

PALIN: I think that’s a good question. And what I would say is for Florida voters to really tune in to what, A, the media is doing to the candidate, and if they’re playing fair and if they’re asking all the candidates the same disclosure questions and the same questions about background and experience and intentions.

And also watch to see what some in the GOP machine, the kind of elites of machinery that want to run the show and doesn’t want to see a whole lot of shakeup there in Washington, D.C., because they’re kind of content with some of the crony capitalism that they benefit from, too.

So they don’t want to see a big shakeup from any kind of maverick or, you know, any candidate who would dare go against the wishes of some of the GOP elite.
So watch, voters, what the media and some the GOP machine do to any of the candidates.

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