Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Erickson At Redstate's Post Iowa Rant;Time For Conservatives To Move To Stacy McCain/Dan Riehl/M.Joseph Sheppard

Really,why would any Conservative bother to visit Redstate anymore? the post Iowa rant ( as so described, rightly, by his commentators) 
AT THIS LINK from Erick Erickson is almost incomprehensible in its blind fury-apparently the position the GOP finds itself in is the fault of.....
G.W. Bush!

Not particularly for any overt act by Bush but because he, of all things, had Cheney as his running mate and thus there is no heir apparent. Further, the disaster that is Rick Perry is not Perry's fault rather he is the victim of bad counsellor's. That is a favorite diverting of blame going back to the days of Charles 1st. Carville has a different spin on the matter-simply, and to the point, calling Perry "the worst candidate ever." 

However, this latest is just another in the ongoing reasons why Redstate has had its day and it is time to move on.
The tone of arrogance from some of the mainstay commentators is appalling, as is the quick banning button pushing to anyone who does not meet with the approval of the Redstate powers that be.

There are so many better sites and yes, sites do go past their use by date-witness Right Wing Nut House for example. Now, where does a conservative go to get measured but interesting and challenging information?

There are three sites I believe.

Robert Stacy McCain's "The Other McCain" is witty, challenging, sometimes naughty (which shows that conservatives are not stick in the mud types by nature) and a true conservative avenue. I don't always agree with what Stacy, and his ebullient "sidekick" Smitty say, do and support, but I enjoy the tone of intellect and intellectual freedom. I can't recall anyone being banned for expressing a conservative point of view different from Stacy's and Smitty's.

Dan Riehl at "Riehl World View" is a more conservative site in appearance, but is in no way stodgy or dull for all that. Thoughtful, concise arguments from a true conservative and again there is nothing of the arrogance seen elsewhere.

In all humble sincerity I believe my site "A Point Of View" has something to offer from the conservative standpoint. Unlike the other two sites it is an occasional site and because of that there is the opportunity for less of an immediate (which is highly valuable of course) and more of an analytical look at things from time to time.

Just as it is time for conservatives to move on from voting for RINO's out of a perhaps misplaced sense of party loyalty, it is also time to move on from the incendiary arrogance that permeates some of the old time conservative sites to find new and better ones. 

With the three described above I believe conservatives are well served in that quest.

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