Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forget the MSM's Talking Heads,The Reality Is Delegates; Romney 6 Non-Romney 13

 As I presented previously AT THIS LINK the best course for the eventual appearance of the GOP nominee who can unite all factions and take on Obama is for no one to arrive in Tampa with enough delegates to win on the first ballot.

If Perry stays the course, and he does have the financial resources unlike Bachman which is why he is staying in and she is dropping out, he might pick up enough delegates here and there to help deny Romney the first ballot win he needs. After the first ballot delegates are entitled to vote for whom they wish and if there are enough ballots then "the office seeking the woman" will come into play.

If Palin absolutely confirms, at Tampa, that she does not wish to run under any circumstances then,the scene is set for horse trading which would hopefully see Gingrich receive the nomination. It may be that Gingrich can tie things up  before Tampa as his 4th place  at 16% in Iowa is exactly the same  situation that McCain found himself in before going on to win big in subsequent key primary ballots. 

Either scenario for Gingrich or Palin works for me.

From a comment at Conservatives4Palin

"You know, for all the sturm und drang, you still need 1144 delegates to win the nomination.  After last night the tally is Romney 6 Santorum 6 Paul 6 Gingrich 4 Perry 3.  Or another way of looking at it is that Romney has 6 and the non-Romney bloc has 13.  In any event, it's still way too early for anything to matter.  there's plenty of time left.  The winner of FL alone gets 50 delegates.  Really, things haven't even started yet."

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