Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anti-Palin Book "Authors" And Garbage Can Searchers Are the Scum Of The Earth

With the previews of the McGinniss and Johnston "books" and the advance blurbs from Garry Trudeau, via Doonesbury and the execrable Andrew Sullivan, the absolute nadir of garbage can rifling "journalism" has been reached.

They of course are contradicting themselves with  one saying  Palin felt "uncomfortable around people of color' and the other saying she had a "one night stand with a Black basketball player."

The old Palin had an affair with her husbands business partner story is dragged out again, Johnston tells one  different version of events in total contradiction to his previous versions and Trudeau seems to think it a "what the" post on his site that Palin had "God loves you " as a screen saver.

The utter hypocrisy of the left is on display once again. That ignore that their hero Obama snorted cocaine, but condemn Palin for allegedly doing so, that they find something wrong with Palin, then unmarried having a relationship with a Black man, and then in the same breath ascribe racism to her, that they mock someone for sincere Christian beliefs puts them to shame-if they were capable of such a human emotion.

These people are lower than dogs, are money grubbing creeps.

That these "books" have come out just before Palin is to decide whether she runs or not is hardly a co-incidence. the left knows that she alone represents not only a genuine danger to Obama but represents a total attack on all they value as leftists.They are desperate as the mood of the country,as shown once again in New York and Nevada, has turned against them.

This will backfire against them and the left as the ridiculous Alaskan email release "sensation" did. Surely the women of America will have had enough of this attack on a woman, no matter what her political leanings. One thing is for sure I am so utterly disgusted with this unprecedented level of gutter journalism that I will do all I can, contribute as much money as I can, to assist Sarah Palin if she chooses to run.

If she does not I would not blame her for an instant-nobody should have to endure this character assassination. If she does run I will marvel at her strength and endurance which must be God given assistance as no person could stand against this venom alone.

God bless you Sarah Palin

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