Friday, September 23, 2011

Yep-Lib's Blame Palin For Huge Sales Flop Of McGinnis/Johnston Books

In a classic headline the leftists insinuate that "Palin"s book has bombed (LINK) "Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin Books Bomb."

So unhappy are the "progressives" that the latest smears, and pathetic attempts to make money off the Palins has been a disaster, that they have a final, Alinsky tactic throw of the dice, to try and discredit Palin.

Not only is the "Palin book" (not, as one commentator noted the McGinniss book)  a flop, after the massive publicity and hate mongering by the left in promoting it, but it has brought down the author, publisher and media with it.

As Andrew Breitbart has exposed, the McGinniss book is full of unsubstantiated stories. One reviewer called it more of a novel than biography. With charges that it is a hoax, the publisher has had to come out with a press release to try and defend the authenticity of the pages of gossip and contradictions.

The result of near universal condemnation of both "books" is:

The Rogue is ranked in the fifties on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Deer in the Headlights is hovering in the seven hundreds on Amazon and in the two hundreds on Barnes & Noble. Both books had weak pre-sale numbers as well with The Rogue in the high hundreds and Deer in the Headlights in the high thousands.

Now how does the left handle that ? By putting the onus on the Palin family "

"Is public interest in the Wasilla family drama on the wane?"

So we see that the fact that the two trash books are discredited and flop is due not to that basic fact but because the Palin's have not generated enough  supporting publicity to push the sales along.

What we see with Palin, yet again, is her enemies confounded and her friends dazzled with her astuteness. By saying absolutely nothing about either books Palin has kept her dignity, has given no opportunity for her critics to seize on and distort any statement. She has done, by her silence exactly what her enemies accuse her of actually seeking-she IS the victim of the left in this case and has generated sympathy from a public fed up with the medias antics.

The turning point with the publics attitude to how unfairly Palin has been treated was, surely, the insane media hoopla over the 24,000 emails which proved nothing and in fact showed a hard working competent governor.

The new look at Palin is further reinforced by these ridiculous books, and her dignified attitude to them-the steady rise in her poll ratings, to be just outside the margin  of error against President Obama is due in a major way to the failing actions of her enemies who are making her stronger.

Read the comments at the site linked above to see that the public are not the fools the left thinks they are.

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