Friday, September 23, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Genius Plan-No Taxation At All & Give The Govt.What You Think They Deserve

Perhaps I was wrong in supporting Sarah Palin! Michele Bachmann has the answer to all our problems-zero taxation and apparently funding the (very) limited government by donation!

Can't get more free market and libertarian than that and at the same time instilling civic values in everyone-go Michele!

From the debate in Miami

I think you earned every dollar, you should get to keep every dollar that you earn. That's
 your money, that's not the government's money. That's the whole point. Barack Obama seems to think that when we earn money it belongs to him, and we're lucky just to keep a little bit of it. I don't think that at all. I think when people make money it's their money.

Obviously we have to give money back to the government so that we can run the government, but we have to have a completely different mindset, and that mindset is American people are the genius of this economy. It certainly isn't government that's the genius.

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