Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Please Don't See McGinniss's Palin Tactics Reflective Of ALL Dem Supporter's"

After another review panning (the New York Times led the charge) McGinniss's Palin hatchet job "book" comes out in, surprisingly, another liberal newspaper a reader of the Los Angeles Times makes this pleading statement: (emphasis mine)

Mossotti at 12:04 PM September 15, 2011
"While I can't consider myself a supporter of Palin's ideology, if the entire book is dedicated to tearing down a figure who clearly has won the support of masses this will only work to enrage her base and give sympathy to independents.
These tactics are by no means reflective of all Democratic supporters. Sadly that is how this will be seen moving forward."

The conclusion that 'this is how it will be seen going forwards" is exactly right. And deservedly of course. the liberal, Democratic media has led an unremitting, unhesitating three year campaign of denigration, slander, lies, calumny and hatred against Sarah Palin and her family.

 This is finally coming home to roost and part of the revulsion that is clearly apparent as the public at large turns against the Obama administration-imagine losing a Dem stronghold in Brooklyn by a 
landslide. That this tactic is so obvious, because of its  blatant and distorted hostility with no balance, and is unending has, in the end, turned against its perpetrators.

The end result is that Palin is becoming seen as a sympathetic figure and the claims she has made about liberal bias are indeed grounded in fact.

 It may be that Palin's courage and stoicism in the face of this unrelenting and unprecedented character assassination may, in the end, be one of the major contributing factors to the end of the Obama regime, more so than if she actually does run for president.

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