Friday, September 23, 2011

Bachmann/Perry Done.Next Anti-Palin Up;"Christie To Decide To Run In Days"

Here's NEWSMAX pushing Chris Christie as the next great Beltway hope as they equivocate over Romney and Perry bites the dust. Perry has been utterly savaged from all quarters over his debate performances (three strikes and you're out") and he was drifting down in the most recent polls which should accelerate now.

Bachmann was of course a media puff up, not a Beltway creation, and only got to that point after her team bought the Ames straw poll.She was the anti-Palin for a while, which served the Beltway "anyone but Palin" theme  (she's irrelevant and has been supplanted by a younger (sic) version etc) but her ridiculous statements served to make her ludicrous campaign a disaster.

Perhaps the GOP establishment is trying to force Christie's hand and ego with these enticements to run. The utter hypocrisy of this move makes even the cynical seem naive. For Christie to announce a run he would have to justify all his previous statements where he categorically ruled out he would do so-the ultimate in flip flopping.

No amount of statements such as "I will do it for the sake of the GOP/country-my personal wishes are overruled by the needs of America" etc would serve as a cover for the blatant reversal of position and obvious self-serving.

If he did announce a run with the Beltway/media blessing, the utter hypocrisy of their current them that Palin has left it too late to announce a run, has no team on the ground, has not participated in the debates, has left the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in the lurch etc. The mere fact that the establishment is pressing Christie to run has already exposed the hollowness and cynicism of their arguments, "she's a tease" being the most misogynistic.

Should, despite all this blatant posturing, Christie run then he too, like Bachmann and Perry before him, be exposed to the blowtorch of vetting. of course the satirists will have a field day with his girth so the chances of his statements getting coverage from behind the fog of ridicule will be low.

The race, if Palin chooses to enter, will be between the rank and file,Tea Party activists, and the establishment whether represented by Romney or Perry or Christie. All the Palin negativity has to be seen in that light and coming from those quarters. The true battle is between the people and the status quo.

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