Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay/Lesbian Mag's Outstanding Photo Coverage Of Palin In Iowa

UPDATE: Don Surber references this article and adds his own thoughts-an excellent summary.

This outstanding photo coverage by Tim Carroll, and fair and balanced review of Palin in Iowa, appeared in the Gay and Lesbian edition of the Windy City Times. Unlike other possible GOP candidates there is a large store of goodwill towards Palin. There are Gay and lesbian sites dedicated to her, and well known Gay and Lesbian media personalities who are strong supporters.

The growing Gay and Lesbian conservative movement has a possible candidate they can reconcile their, sometimes new and fragile, conservatism, whilst balancing their economic with their social beliefs. 

Palin embodies the new Christian conservatism. This recognizes differences, honors the individual, believes in states rights as the arbiter of social issues when called upon, not the federal government, and is herself an emblem of tolerance and mutual dignity.

The Gay and Lesbian vote and support may be a crucial difference to the primary season, and eventually the general election. No other GOP candidate will, I believe, be the recipient of this support. This article is an indication of what may be coming for Palin from an American community, whose influence far exceeds their numbers.

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Palin makes mark at Tea Party event2011-09-07

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