Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trudeau Via Doonesbury Shows Ignorance Of Alaska's Ethnic Make Up In Palin "Racist" Diatribe

Leftist cartoonist Garry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury has embarked on a week long anti-Palin campaign using purported extracts from the forthcoming gossip scandal mongering book by Palin stalker Joe McGinniss.

Like others before him Trudeau shows his ignorance of the facts in his latest strip. This purports to set out that Palin is racist, which is difficult to be  I would imagine since she is married to a part native American-but when did facts get in the way of propaganda.

Trudeau's Doonesbury strip has a character read a purported extract from McGinniss's book setting out, ridiculously ascribed racism to Palin (fired her non-white staff as "not comfortable in the presence of dark skinned people" which he, the "newsman' reading the book, tries to spin by writing that Palin  "shaped staff to look more like Alaska." This is the same ignorant trap that David Letterman fell into previously.

As I set out below in my original article on Letterman's comments,  it is actually the most liberal voting states Maine and Vermont that are nearly lily white, whilst Alaska has a tremendously diverse ethnic population with 7 times more blacks than Maine has.

Trudeau lowers himself and destroys his reputation by propagating false impressions, especially in such delicate matters as race and ascribing racism is frankly disgusting.

 Also disgusting is the other cartoonist, or rather cartoon Andrew Sullivan who is setting himself out to be a serious journalist yet, once again, presents the blatherings of a 20 year old, Levi Johnston, to dig into the pregnancy matters of the Palin family-his obsession knows no bounds and is deeply disturbing and very sad. 

From Letterman's latest Anti-Palin "Top 10" list (about her debut as a Fox Commentator) "Actually found a place with more White people than Alaska".

This fits in with the latest in a long stream of attempts by the left to tar Palin with something-anything-which will create a negative meme. They've tried all and sundry to no lasting effect but the latest is the most dangerous and vicious and has to be stopped in its tracks.

"Palin is a racist" is the theme. The liberal left MSM can't come out and say it directly, there is a problem for them of course with the fact that she is married to a part Native American and there has never been the slightest hint of racism in anything she has said or done. But of course they won't let that stop them. MSNBC, Letterman and others keep at the "White Teabag audience, "no Black people visible at the Republican convention", "an all white crowd at her book signings" and etc.

The implication is, at the very least that Palin's appeal is only to White people.The implication is, at a deeper level, that that her supporters must be racist.The Goebbel's tried and true method is to repeat a lie over and over and if repeated often enough it will stick. Palin said in her interview with Bill O'Reilly, touching on racism, (the Reid controversy) that Alaska was a diverse state ethnically and there was no place for racism in any discourse. This was derided by the radical left "Wassila is as White as you can get" (as if Wassila was all of Alaska). Well lets knock this rubbish on the head and look at the indisputable facts.

The U.S. Census Bureau American Fact Finder Census 2000 shows the following:

The most White state in America is in fact Maine 96.9% of the population are White. Blacks comprise 0.5% (6,760) Asians 0.7% (9,111), Native Americans 0.6% (7068)

Vermont is the second most White state in America 96.8% White. Blacks comprise 0.5%, (3063) Hispanics 0.9% (5504) Native Americans 0.4% (2420). Vermont of course has the only Socialist Senator in America.

And now Alaska, this supposed last refuge of the White race. White's are nearly a third less than found in Maine at 69.3%, Native Americans at 15.6% are substantially higher in percentage and Blacks at 3.5% make the New England states look positively segregated. Hispanics at 4.1% add strikingly to Alaska's ethnic diversity compared to the supposed liberal states.

Once again straight talking Palin has shown to be correct and her detractors not only wrong but guilty of playing the race card-they should be ashamed. Hopefully this will put an end to this sorry episode.

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